Power Energie Renouvelable

Power Energie Renouvelable Tunisia is a leading distributor and wholesaler of photovoltaic systems. We are the exclusive representative of the SOLAX Power and Suntellite brand in Tunisia and North Africa. In PER Tunisia, we supply single-phase and three-phase solar inverters with unmatched quality, reliability and efficiency. In 2018, the Solax Power inverter is ranked among the five best inverters in the world.

As a brand committed to an eco-responsible approach, Solax Power manufactures inverters according to the highest global standards and respect for the planet.

We are working for a greener future by supplying you with all the components for photovoltaic installations. Our ambition is to provide clean electricity while preserving the environment and maintaining a sustainable economic balance.

SolaX Power

The inverter, the heart of the photovoltaic system, is the part that transforms the direct current from solar panels into alternating current. It represents the most important piece of the solar kit. We provide high quality solar inverters for renewable energy. We offer you a complete range of photovoltaic inverters depending on the type of installation


With Power Energie Renouvelable Tunisia, you can also opt for a choice that is both economic and environmental. We will be by your side to advise you and propose our best solution.

Photovoltaic panel SUNTELLITE

The photovoltaic panel is the source of solar energy. Thanks to its semiconductor property, it transforms sunlight into continuous electricity. The installation of photovoltaic solar panels allows you to produce a natural and non-polluting electricity. Power Energie Renuvelable is commited to deliver solar panels of the best quality, high performance, very competitive prices with the famous brand: SUNTELLITE.     Thanks to our solar panels, you can save energy.